Conjure: The Automated Constraint Modelling Tool

Welcome to the documentation of Conjure!

Conjure is an automated modelling tool for Constraint Programming.

In this documentation, you will find the following.

  • A brief introduction to Conjure,
  • installation instructions,
  • a description of how to use Conjure through its command line user interface,
  • a list of Conjure’s features,
  • a description of Conjure’s input language Essence, and
  • a collection of simple demonstrations of Conjure’s use.


Conjure’s main developer is Özgür Akgün. Please get in touch via email if you have comments, suggestions, or if you encounter any problems.

You can also use the issue tracker to report bugs.

We are particularly interested in hearing specific comments about the documentation. Please let us know if something is hard to understand, not easy to follow, or if the documentation is too sparse at a certain place. We will do our best to help!